About Bend 3D

Why include 3D touring on your site?

Touring through a home allows home buyers or vacation renters to experience the home firsthand and see it from any viewpoint. People can get as close to feeling the home as possible without the travel time so they can narrow down their search to a manageable number of homes. The Dollhouse view offers a comprehensive view of the property and shows how the pieces fit together.

Photos and 360° panoramas are a flat experience as compared to 3D tours where you can actually move through a home at your own pace in preferred order. Buyers, renters and sellers can provide the emotional connection to the home that is currently lacking when viewing photos.

What is provided?

  • 3D Tour of the home
  • Interactive Dollhouse View & Floor Plan
  • Up to 30 HDR Photos
  • Slideshow
  • Floor Plan with Room Dimensions (optional)
  • Branded URL and code for your website
  • Non-branded link and code for the MLS

Why use 3D Tours in your marketing?

  • Allows for more informed renters and buyers
  • Gives credibility and an emotional connection to the home
  • Widens the net of people viewing listings
  • Increases the number of listings and eventual sales or rentals

What are the features about?


Select Dollhouse view to enable viewing 360 degrees around and to quick zoom inside the home.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Come to Sunriver VR (between Sunriver Subway and the Shell station) and you can view the model in Virtual Reality. Just put on a VR headset and you can view as if you are really inside the space.

Floor Plan

The Floor Plan/Map View offers a look straight down on the floor of your choosing.


If you need an extra photo, Bend 3D can obtain a snapshot of any scan position inside the space.


In walkthrough view it’s just like you are walking throughout the home. You can choose any order you wish, including upwards to the ceiling and downwards to the floor.

Schematic Floor Plan

The Schematic Floor plan provides approximate measurements of ALL the rooms of the home that were included in the tour.

Tags (optional)

You have the option of adding informational tags anywhere in the model to highlight areas such granite countertops or maple floors!